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a LARP where you (and a friend, or several friends!) can go and explore the world around you using a camera and some dice. 


Hag Stone.pdf 106 kB


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I played this once just now to start my day. I was unsure how many items from each list was ok so I played all that applied. 
A hand gave  me a reassuring pat that I was probably ok but seriously, don't cross that gateway and write now it seems more worthwhile to write instead of read.

The rules could use some clarification and I think I could use some help with guidance but I love the basic mechanic and gameplay. I'm still unsure if I rolled too many dice.


I was supposed to add in a note that you could roll as many dice as required (such as if your picture had green and white, with a dog, tea, and books--include everything), so thanks for pointing that out! (A future goal is to have more omens to make it worthwhile rolling more dice and multiple times ;))

Thanks for playing and for the feedback! I'll get those rules updated for clarification! 

so I've played a couple times and I'm curious how you have used the game? I'd love to hear some play examples or ideas. I know it was a jam but I really am in love with what you have done here.

Hi! Sorry! alfjk I actually haven't had the opportunity to play it, which I know sounds real bad as the game writer. But it's inspired by a game I used to play a lot as a child that I absolutely cannot remember the name of for the life of me. I just remember having to look through various (plastic) gems to interpret clues for the game and would run all of my yard on these adventures. 

I'm glad you've been able to play it a few times though! 

Thanks. I really love the core concept of this game and I really want to play it more though I'm still figuring out how to use it as something other than a sort of "for fun divination-like device". It's like AR but more open ended. I love it so much.